As a child I played outside on a farm in North Florida, I climbed giant oak trees, collected pine resins and braided pine straw. The Glen St. Mary's river ran near our house, the water was black, but it never stoped me or friends from playing in the alligator and snake filled water. 

As our cultures become more saturated with technologies, cars and work, we have become nature deprived and have forgotten to listen to the way in which land beckons for us to play. 

This series is an on-going documentation of playing and listening to land. It is connected to Learning to Love in the Anthropocene, a set of instructions that aim to guide us towards reimagining our relationship to nature. 

I hope to inspire you to go outside and play, to hug a tree, to smell a flower, to suck nectar from a honey-suckle, to feel your bare feet touch this earth and simply to smile. 

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