Artist Statment

What does it mean to be an artist (a creative, deeply feeling and thoughtful human being), in a time of endless resource extraction, industrial production of consumer objects, mass extinction of plants and animals and of an ever growing culture of human isolation? For me it is not about making objects to sell, it is not about sitting in a studio and painting, it is about exploring the lingering possibilities of finding the magic in life. Of finding a way to help using all the the skill sets I have. 

I am lead by my own concern and curiosity  of the world around me. Driving by the South Dade Landfill of Miami and wandering what actually happens to trash? I ask for a tour and discover cultural artifacts from Seaquarium's beloved orca to Christo's pink island wrap. Following the great flow of water to Rio de La Plata, recording its sounds, documenting its trash, unburying its history and asking myself to imagine a new relationship between humans and land, one of stewardship. I propose that everyone to take that journey to discover that life can be in balance, starting with ourselves. 

We don't want to just sustain anymore, we want to regenerate all that was lost and there are ways to help this to happen. It requires an in-tandem healing process between humans and nature. This is the journey we are on together, to heal ourselves, each other and this planet. 


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