Archival Mounted Photograph: Bobinsana 2019
  • Archival Mounted Photograph: Bobinsana 2019

    Bobinsana, Calliandra Angustifolia, Baltimori, Peru 2019 

     Archival digital photograph on hot press cotton paper

    Mounted on aluminum 



    Known as one of the “teacher” plants of Peru, Bobinsana invigorates spirit and body. The bark of the tree is commonly brewed with Ayahuasca and said to facilitate the opening of the heart, to enhance empathy and concentration.

    As I spent time planting Bobinsana saplings in the Amazon, I noticed not only its prevalence among the trees near the river Tambopata, but the tiny white nitrogen nodules growing along its roots. It is a nitrogen fixing species, not only giving its powers to heal the human spirit, but also giving to the ecology of soil. It is beautiful to look at with delicate and ephemeral Mimosa-like flowers.

    The roots of the tree run deep and locals know that when choosing a tree to tie their boats to, that Bobinsana is a strong and reliable tree. In the face of a flood they are guaranteed that their boat will remain safe regardless of the river’s temper.