Archival Mounted Photograph: Mayna Parvifolium 2019
  • Archival Mounted Photograph: Mayna Parvifolium 2019

    Mayna Parvifolium sp., Baltimori, Peru 2019

    Archival digital photograph on hot press cotton paper

    Mounted on Aluminum 



    Little about this fruit is known. It is from a tree that is categorized under the family name of Mayna Parvifolium. The fruit is edible, resembling a rambutan or lychee, with a taste very dissimilar from either of these more common fruits. I ate the fruit a few times, but as an adventurous connoisseur of edible plants I ventured to eat the seeds, which were soft, crunchy and sweet. Almost like a sweet corn or “chocolo.” However, the results of eating those seeds were quickly felt in the night with nausea, diarrhea, and a need to purge lasting over 24 hours.

    I chose to exhibit this portrait to represent the things we have yet to discover in the world and to instill the feeling of urgency to protect the diversity and magic of this planet.