Mounted Archival Photo: Rosewood, Aniba Rosaeodora, Baltimori, Peru 2019


Rosewood, Aniba Rosaeodora, Baltimori, Peru 2019 

Archival digital photograph on hot press cotton paper mounted on aluminum and ready to hang. 



An endangered species, this aromatic tree was over harvested for the use of perfumes and essential oils. Entire trees were ripped out of the ground and even roots were harvested until almost none remained. This image is from a tree located at the Camino Verde Restoration Center in the southern Amazon.

Rosewood is still harvested and utilized despite regulations attempting to protect the species. Efforts are being made to bring back the species and enter into a relationship of harmless harvest, demonstrating that the leaves are as equally fragrant as the wood and roots, meaning that it can be cultivated without killing the tree.

Rosewood has been compared to elephant ivory in terms of economic value and rarity in the presence of a market. I chose to portray Rosewood to represent the excessive nature of harvesting resources for economic value despite ecological damage.



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