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Volatile Organic Compounds and Plant Fat Work

As an artisan who works with the volatile organic compounds of plants to create aromatic oils, hydrosols, and infused plant fats, I consider this a sacred art that necessitates technical expertise, intuition, and a profound connection to the natural world. Before creating a formula, I must be able to attune to the plants' energy, discern their subtle nuances, and allow the olfactory to communicate with my somatic body, heart, and etheric being.
   In this art, I am a conduit for the wisdom and essence of nature. Each plant possesses a unique energy and spirit that guides me in this creative work. It is a process that demands patience, mindfulness, and deep reverence. 
Through this work arises sensually pleasing scents and powerful healing potions that convey a powerful connection to the earth and to the self. Each bottle of botanical oil, water, or infused plant fat embodies the magic and wisdom that can be found on this planet and serves as a reminder of the natural world's profound healing and transformative power. It is an art that necessitates technical proficiency, a deep respect for the earth, and a commitment to sustainable practices.

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